Samantha Wellness

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

September 9-11, 2022

​​​I work with women to shed unwanted weight

without feeling deprived, so they can go on the adventures of their dreams.


How often do you think about the food you eat and relate it to how it will make you feel? Energized, tired, craving more, satisfying. We do a lot of this unconsciously seeking satisfaction, but how does it really make you feel? What food do you gravitate towards without thinking?

I’ve made a commitment to consider my health and wellbeing when choosing my food. Maybe that sounds boring, but it’s really quite exciting. I have felt the difference. I feel vibrant, full of energy and ready to conquer my day with confidence when I fuel my body with clean wholesome food. I love that. 

To confirm these feelings are from what I eat, I’ve also felt the opposite. I have a job in a retail store, I feel lucky that it is my favourite store and I get to work there, but there is a candy section in this store and sometimes by fall there is expired candy that needs to come out of inventory. 

Well, you know where this is going, when expired candy comes out of inventory it is free to eat. I have a weakness for the chocolate caramels Reisen, I ate a whole bag throughout the day and a chocolate bar. The last hour of work seemed to drag on forever and when I got home I was so tired and irritable. I was snappy with my partner for no reason out of the ordinary pile of dishes and no ideas for dinner. I was a grump and “hangry” (so hungry I get angry). It was the result of all the sugar I had consumed that day, because the biggest thing I notice when I eat clean whole food through the day, I’m not starving and grumpy at the end of a work day. 

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